Thursday, February 25, 2010

look what I did!

I'm participating in Aarti's wonderful series, With Reverent Hands. Go see! If you've never been to B O O K L U S T before, you're in for a treat. It's one of my very favourite book blogs. Go for my Patricia McKillip lurve and stay for Aarti's insights and excellent reading choices.

By the way, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know about that book already. But I say some new stuff about it!


Kerry said...

I've just discovered you with your post at Aarti's blog. I just adore the book in question and I'm here to explore your blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Kerry, welcome! Thanks for visiting. :) Your avatar, by the way, is one of the cutest things to cross my computer screen lately.

Aarti said...

Thanks for participating, Kiirstin! I just realized last night that I THOUGHT I had The Changeling Sea on my shelf, but I don't :-( I have two other McKillip books that I obviously need to get to soon. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

You're so welcome! Thanks again for the opportunity to share such an awesome book. WRH is such a great idea for a series.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of McKillip! I would suggest trying a couple different books, especially if you're not sure after the first one; The Changeling Sea is one of her more immediately accessible books, I think. It took me a little while to really appreciate her, although now I think everything she's written is eminently re-readable.

Phyl said...

Did I know before, about your Patricia McKillip love??

I don't know that anything really compares to her Riddle-Master trilogy, but then, she worked on that for something like a decade, so it's bound to be on another level from her other writing.

Yet every book she writes is pretty close to wonderful! (Even though I haven't managed to get her last few books; I'm really behind.)

I read Ombria in Shadow again while I was sick a couple of weeks ago, and really had to hold back from Atrix Wolf and Basilisk, lest I not be able to surface again. :-)

But I'm seriously thinking it's time for the Riddle-Master again.

Unknown said...

Phyl, I might have mentioned it at one point or another. I can't help myself. It inserts itself into polite conversation more than it probably should. She's my favourite author by about a mile.

I agree -- Riddle-Master is the masterpiece, but I've really enjoyed pretty much everything else I've read. I wasn't wild about Forgotten Beasts of Eld, I have to admit, but I should try it again. I'm still working my way through her backlist, slowly so as not to run through it too fast, and Atrix Wolfe is next on my list. :)