Thursday, March 26, 2009

shameless blog adoration: Jo Walton at Tor

I have to admit that I have a bit of a blog crush. My blog crush is on Jo Walton over at I tend to read the blog without a lot of reference to who it is I'm reading because I like most everything I read on there -- but about a week ago, I began to notice that every book that was reviewed over at that went on my list was a book reviewed by Walton. I went back over all the books I'd added to my list from reviews and all of them except one (we're talking double digits here) can be attributed to Jo Walton.

And now there's this excellent article about disappointing sequels, and why some sequels are just bad while other sequels ruin the books they follow. Guys, seriously, if isn't already plugged into your daily reads, go ahead and do it. I get something new or interesting out of them every day.

This makes me wonder if I should be mentioning other book blogs too, actually. I have a bunch that I read regularly and the list is growing. They're mostly on the right hand side of this page, but it might be a good exercise for me to try to articulate why I like the blogs I do. I've made up a tag for that exercise, so I almost have to do it now...


Ana S. said...

It definitely sounds like I need to start paying more attention to!

Unknown said...

I guess I should mention that it's geared towards fantasy and science fiction interests... But yes! Bookmark them, or add the blog rss feed to your reader. I don't thoroughly read everything they post (reviews of tv episodes largely go over my head, since I don't watch much tv) but large portions of it are very interesting.