Tuesday, June 25, 2013

rambles about change

Many many years ago I started a blog. 1998, I believe. That means I've been blogging as long as John Scalzi. (I am not as famous, in case anyone was wondering -- this is largely due to inconsistency and my fickle blog habits... oh, and maybe because I'm not John Scalzi.) It was hosted on Diaryland (remember Diaryland?) As a gift to me, my then-boyfriend and now-husband did some fancy design things, including a bumblebee that people could click on and move around the page. We called him Fuzzbutt. I was very, very fond.

I blogged about a lot of stuff there, a lot of it teenage and then twentysomething angst, and some of it kind of interesting, and occasionally books showed up. After some time I migrated to my own domain, the name of which came from an old high school nickname that was once written in the dust covering my first car, a red (not sexy red, more sensible red) manual transmission Toyota Corolla station wagon called Marge.

I eventually moved on to Blogspot, just for ease of use since a custom-built back end was a little clunky and required upkeep (not by me, either.) Blogspot was easy. It turned out to be too easy. I started two blogs. One of them is mouldering and waiting for me to remember it exists, which I do, every once in a while. The other is this one.

And this one now has my own, old domain name stuck to it. You can update your links to reflect, as you wish. I've updated my template to reflect my favourite blogging colour scheme. The pink has been fun, but I feel at home in blue.

Back to regular programming as soon as I get through finding all the quotes I want to quote from Northanger Abbey. bluepixie is a book blog now.

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