Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teaser Tuesday: Time to be in Earnest

Tuesday rolls around, and I am reading something new, yes, although sadly not because I finished the last book. I love Riddle-Master, but I have decided that for that book, I need a good stretch of time to read it, not the little snatches of time I get throughout a busy work week while trying to get everything else done. Because it's too beautiful to treat badly, if that makes any sense. I think I will save it for September, when I go on vacation again finally.

Plus, I'm visiting my grandmother this week and have borrowed a book from her that I really should return -- P.D. James' diary of her seventy-eighth year, Time to be in Earnest. So today, a teaser from there. So far, I'm enjoying it, although after her very first diary entry I've decided that she and I might have had a pretty good argument about something she states at the end of it. The writing is excellent, though.

From Time to be in Earnest by P.D. James, p153:

It was impossible not to begin reading at once and just as impossible to stop once I'd begun. Inevitably one's response to the poems is influenced by the joint tragedies; how could it be otherwise?

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Nan said...

I'm going looking for this book right now! Is your grandmother this age? Did she feel 'simpatico' with P.D.James?

Unknown said...

My grandmother will be turning 80 this winter, so not far off. She actually hasn't read this one yet -- she was working on something else and I asked if I could borrow it a couple weeks ago. Her TBR list is at least as long as mine so she said sure, I could take it and bring it back later, and she'd pick it up then. :)

Cecelia said...

Mmm...I can identify with the not being able NOT to read, but I don't know quite how the two lines fit each other. Must read more! Great teaser.

You can check out mine here.

Susan said...

Great teaser! You can check out my teaser here.

Cackleberry Homestead said...

Great teaser!

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

Good teaser. I love old books and this book seems interesting in that it is a diary. I wouldn't mind learning more about this book.

Mandy said...

What an attractive teaser!
You might like mine; this week I am reading Half World by Hiromi Goto (Canadian):

Alice said...

Great teaser! I hope you'll enjoy the week with your grandmother!

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone! Sorry I've been AWOL, it's the grandma thing. She has internet, but I am too impatient for dialup.

Also too impatient for P.D. James right now. Or more rightly, too impatient for an autobiography. I'll finish this one eventually, I think, but I'm afraid the review is going to be a while. I do like her writing, and she's a fascinating person, but... right now, I need something much lighter. Not that this was particularly heavy. I need even lighter than that.