Friday, December 26, 2014

bittersweet six

It's gotten a little quiet around here lately. I can't even suggest that it's the calm before the storm, because I'm not sure when I'll have the focus and energy to write more consistently. The sad truth is that I have six books with partially finished reviews sitting in my queue here, going back to October, and about as much motivation to finish and post those reviews as numbers like that would suggest.

This is not the end - this is a blogiversary post, after all, if sadly uncelebratory - and I'm likely to still keep posting as I can, but I can't see the pace picking up any time soon. I am reading - I am almost always reading - but the energy to write about it seems to have vanished almost entirely.

But here is the good: I still get a lot out of writing these pieces, when I do get to them. I get a lot out of reading them years later, too, even when I'm dissatisfied with what I've said. I still delight in meandering around the (admittedly much, much smaller) circle of book blogs that I like to read daily or weekly or whenever the authors post. I still think about books exhaustively, I still love planning out and tracking my reading, I still love that feeling I get when I clear out my TBR stack in despair and try something completely random and new.

To those of you who have stuck with me, and continue to wander by every once in a while: thank you. Those of you whom I know, I consider to be my best bloggy friends - many of you I have known, through your writing, for as long as this blog has been around or longer. I'm inspired by your erudition and your commitment to reading and to writing about your reading, and I hope to be able to continue to share our love of and our thoughts on books for another wonderful year.


Mac n' Janet said...

I always enjoy your book reviews though I don't often comment. Your blog is one of those where I go to get ideas for new books to read.
So here's hoping you're still blogging in the year to come.

Ana S. said...

Happy 6th, Kiirstin! I'll continue to look forward to your posts whenever you share them with us, no matter how often or how seldom. Accepting that my blog's much slower pace was not a temporary glitch but my new reality has been a battle for me, but one I think I'm close to winning at last. And I can relate to your second to last paragraph so much.

Nan said...

Happy blog anniversary!! I've had to accept the same reality. Even before the grandchildren came along, I found that I just couldn't write a separate entry on every book I read. The first few years of the blog I didn't do so. Then I began to write about each book, and stayed with it quite a while. And like you, I love looking back and seeing what I wrote. I only feel badly when I feel a book and author deserve so much more than a few lines in a 'monthly book notes' posting. But that's just the way it is. This year I've not even had the time to read my friends' blogs as often as I wanted. You are a busy person in 'real life' and that must always come first. When you have the time and inclination to write your readers will be here reading your words.
Wishing you the best new year!!

Unknown said...

Mac'n'Janet - Hi! I'm glad you're still around. :) Thanks for the encouragement. I'll be here, I really can't see myself stopping now. I've managed to keep it up for this long, I'm not sure what it would take for me to disappear entirely. (Knock on wood now, of course...)

Ana - Yeah, the "not a temporary glitch" battle is a hard one. I'm trying not to fight it to the point of making myself anxious or stressed, but I *wish* to post more often... sigh. Even commenting on people's posts when I have something to say sometimes just doesn't happen (ie your bookish year in review...) But if this is going to stay fun and useful for me, I just have to let it go when I need to let it go, and accept that I can either catch up when I need to, or that I don't have to catch up at all if I can't.

Nan - Thank you!! I'm always glad to know you're still reading. As you say, "real life" has rather overrun my bookish and online lives, and I don't regret that although I do miss the quiet and mental space I used to have for reading and thinking about my reading!