Wednesday, December 26, 2012

this here blog is four

Just thought I should note that before I once again bury myself in totally failing at keeping up with the holidays. For all of you who think having a newly-minted toddler around for Christmas is awesome and fun, you are right. It is also an insane amount of work and it will once again necessitate entirely new ways of doing things FOREVER.

I am sort of reading, but not really, to be honest. I think I am making it five or six pages at a time through my current non-fiction, and I am e-stuck on both the e-books I'm reading, even though I think I am e-njoying both.

I'll do some yearly wrap-up posts at some point, I swear, including my favourite First Lines and Statistics posts. Look for them in February, at the rate I'm going.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday, and thanks for sticking around!


Bookwyrme said...

Happy birthday, blog!

Glad you & your toddler enjoyed Christmas!

Ana S. said...

Happy 4th, and here's to many more :D

Unknown said...

Bookwyrme - Thank you, I hope you enjoyed yours as well. :)

Ana - One can only hope! I am managing to keep blogging by dint of not making it mandatory for myself, and so I still quite enjoy it. If I can keep that up I imagine I'll be here for a while.