Saturday, September 11, 2010

sad sack apology post

Okay, all. I know that there are always bloggers apologising for not being around, not posting, etc. but here comes another one. I'm really behind on my blog-reading and commenting, I'm extremely behind on my book reading, and I'm just not excited about the internet right now. I haven't even checked into Twitter in weeks (Bowker keeps following me, though, for some reason). And now that I know this blog template blows up in the latest version of Firefox (sorry everyone who keeps up-to-date with your Mozilla browser), I can't even seem to screw up the interest to fix it. This is a phase, it will pass; I'm going to be doing some Google Reader pruning and I'm going to keep reading. But the truth of it is that I'm a little overwhelmed and feeling a little like I've been slowly slipping away from the (admittedly tiny) little group of blogging bookish friends I've cultivated here. I miss you guys.

The thing is, I will keep posting here, as I read. I even have a review planned for next week already. But after that, I'm out of material, unless I can get my stuff together to read anything at all. I might post a review of a picture book or two, some ideas I've been saving for a while. The big problem is that I'm not excited by reading, and rather than make it become a chore attached to having to blog about it at least once a week, I'm letting myself float a bit. Once that passes, I'll get excited about writing here again, and I'll fix the flawed template, and I'll tweet. These past two months have been intense, as one might guess from the frequency of posting, and the past two weeks especially so. We've got a bit of a break coming up (I've got some post ideas attached to that, too) so hopefully that will clear out the apathy and I'll be ready to storm the blogosphere again. Until then -- it's not you, guys. It's me.


Phyl said...

Hey, hon, don't worry about this at all. I know what it's like (in my case it's just being so busy trying to survive, but all of us have such reasons from time to time).

The worst thing you can ever do is feel pressured. Just live and enjoy your life, and all will be well. :-)

Nan said...

There's a great saying, 'cut the string that pulls the hardest.' Sometimes it is all too much and you have to let something go. I imagine you are busy with your new job. I don't remember if you had to move when you took it.

Jeanne said...

We'll be here when you get back.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the supportive comments! I am slowly pulling things together, and I strongly feel like I'll be returning. Hopefully sooner, but whenever it happens, I do feel it will definitely happen. :)